EB5k! Bowser’s Illegitimate Koopa Kid and Amazing Artist

Edmund Dansart is one of the most original, creative artists you’ll ever meet. And he is an absolutely true gamer. So when the idea for GAAM first came up, and to put together a special video game art exhibit for it, he was one of the first people I called to get involved. He said yes, but only after I agreed to buy him a drink. Or did I have a drink before I asked him? Regardless, here’s a few words with Edbot5000, his thoughts on video games, and finally some validation on Ryan dollars.

Hello, what’s your name and what do you?
My name is Edmund Dansart aka edbot5000. Art hustler and snack enthusiast.

What are five of your favorite games?
In no particular order: River City Ransom, Metal Gear Solid, Beyond Good and Evil, Resident Evil, and Metroid.

Can you remember the first time you started playing Street Fighter?
I actually played the original Street Fighter in Taiwan in a night market arcade when I was a kid. It was terrible. Play it and see.

What’s your favorite Street Fighter game? 1, 2, 3, 4, EX, X Tekken, or Alpha?
Street Fighter the Movie: The Game… JK! I really like the design of the Alpha series even though they started bringing in some cheezeball characters from Final Fight. The games are connected. Final Fight was supposed to be the sequel to the original.

Who’s your main?
Honestly, I am terrible at these games but I usually go with Akuma and Sagat.

If M. Bison offered you $100,000,000 Bison dollars, would you join Shadowloo?
If he taught me the psycho crusher as well… I’m in!

Why did you let Ryan drag you into this event?
He offered me $100,000,000 Ryan dollars. Which I am second guessing myself for…

What kind of art/what should we expect from your art for the Game Art And Music Show?
I am planning to do some big painted pieces and prints and hope to have really have some cool stuff on display. We all have different styles and I think its going to be a blast!

What do you want to come from this show/art?
I hope we can get some momentum going and eventually start doing a series of shows with video game/pop culture themes like they do in the big cities… Keep on the hustle!

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