Free Beer from Aardwolf Brewing at GAAM!

As part of the GAAM tradition…there’s gotta be free beer! And this time it’s being provided by the awesome brewers at Aardwolf Brewing Company! That’s right…the beer so many of you drank waaaaaaaay too much of is returning! So get your tickets to GAAM at and get ready for some drinks.

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The infamous Joyce “Lystrade” Kay is a GAAM Cosplay guest. :D

Cosplaying since 2004 (that’s 10 years!), Joyce “Lystrade” Kay has been an anime and gaming fan since she was just a few years old. While her siblings ventured off into the world of the gaming industry (her brother playing for Curse Gaming’s League of Legends team, and her sister working with Ubisoft’s Frag Dolls), she […]

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